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Our mentors are local adult volunteers who have a strong commitment to our community and who are eager to make a positive impact on high school students' lives. Mentors share their own education and career experiences, as well as personal and professional insights with their students to help them set and meet their goals.

  • What schools do we work with?

    • Currently, we work with Adamson, CityLab, Molina, and Sunset High Schools.

  • Can any student apply?

    • We believe that students get the most out of our program when they begin in 10th or 11th grade, but any student at our partner schools can apply. 

  • How do you select students?

    • We work with the counselors, teachers, and community liaison to identify classes and students to talk to about our program. 

    • Students in any grade can apply to our program, but we focus on 10th and 11th graders. 

  • How are mentors selected?

    • We recruit our mentors through our current mentors, community organizations, and professional organizations. Our mentors are working professionals in all types of fields- we have mentors in the medical field, marketing, business owners, lawyers, real estate agents, architects, social workers, and more! They will make sure your child has the information and resources they need to be successful after high school. 

    • Before they are matched with a student, every mentor goes through a seven-step screening process that includes an application, two background checks, reference checks, and our organization’s training program. 

  • Will I get to meet my child’s mentor?

    • Absolutely! You and your child will get to meet your child’s mentor during the kickoff where you will get to talk to them and get to know them also.

    • Their mentor will also be in contact with you once a semester to talk about your child’s progress, but you can request to speak with them anytime.

  • How will my child and their mentor talk with one another?

    • Your child and their mentor will talk/chat via our mentoring app. They will also schedule meetings through the app. If they cannot get a hold of your child, they will group text with you. 

  • How often do my child and their mentor meet? Where do they meet?

    • Your child and their mentor should meet every other week, or at least twice a month.

    • Meetings with your child can be virtual or in-person

    • When they meet in person, meetings are: 

      • Before or after school

      • Only at the school, in the cafeteria, library or hallway

      • Please check in with your child to make sure they are keeping in contact with their mentor and you know when they have in-person meetings

  • What do parents have to do?

    • Once they have applied and been accepted into the program, please sign their permission slip as soon as you can. 

    • We love for parents to come to the kickoff event where you will get to see your child interact with their mentor, but it isn’t mandatory. 

    • Make sure you are aware of your child’s meeting schedule with their mentor. If it is after school, they will need a ride home. 

    • Be sure you have your child’s mentor’s phone number and be available in case your child’s mentor needs to get in touch with you. 

  • Who do I contact if I have any more questions or concerns?

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