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To further ensure the success of our students, we continue to work with our high school students upon graduation. Edge focuses on providing critical outreach and resources to our former mentees to help them bridge the transition to higher education and their career and presents them with opportunities to build their own support network. Together, they will pursue their path towards becoming leaders and civically engaged in their community, ready to mentor and impact a new generation of students.

Program Highlights:

  • Direct support and resources provided to our graduates, such as help selecting classes and a degree plan, resources available on campus, and financial literacy

  • Gatherings for our graduates so they can get to know each other and foster a community among themselves, building a support network with individuals who have shared experiences and helping fill the gap left by not being able to create similar communities on campus this Fall

  • Continued outreach to their mentors to provide them with updates and reminders to check-in with their mentees, so they can remain a constant in their mentee's lives and continued source of encouragement and guidance


A note from our Leadership Forward Intern to the Class of 2024:

As you begin your first semester in college, my advice to you is to still make the most of your experience. I know the process in which we are taking our classes is completely different than what it would have been, but my advice to you is to still make this semester memorable. As you are in your zoom meetings, participate in the discussion like never before. I know this is one thing I will be working on as well, because it is the only thing we can do to bring some normalcy in building relationships with our classmates and professors.

Anahi Esparza

Leadership Forward Alumni

W.H. Adamson, Class of 2017

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