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Next Gen Mentoring recognizes the potential of local Dallas high school students! Through pairing students with adults in our community, who volunteer their time and are able to share their experiences and knowledge of different career paths, our Program supports students to make informed decisions about their future during a crucial stage in their lives.

Next Gen Mentoring focuses on helping students develop 21st century skills that will help them succeed academically and professionally. The Program carefully pairs students with mentors who will help them best discover their potential and challenge them to think big and boldly about their future. 

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  • To encourage our students to find and develop their passions

  • To support our students as they navigate through high school

  • To assist our students with the college and FASFA application process, as well as help them find and apply for scholarships and other opportunities

  • To help our students graduate college, career, and community ready

  • To build long lasting relationships between our students and their mentors


Mentors meet with students twice a month both on campus and virtually. Next Gen Mentoring encourages mentors and students to identify the subject areas that are most valuable to them and tailor their sessions accordingly. Some of these areas include: navigating high school, creating a resume, preparing for interviews, choosing a major, paying for college, and life outside of school, among many others. Next Gen Mentoring partners with Education Opens Doors, to provide further resources for mentors and mentees on a variety of different topics.


Mentors help students think of life beyond high school.  They help them develop 21st century skills that will help them succeed academically and professionally.  Mentors provide students with information so that they can make informed decisions and resources so they are better prepared for their high school classes, college admission tests, the application process, college, and their career.  


Ultimately, mentors provide students with invaluable perspective and guidance.  They can say – I’ve been here before, I can help you do this. It may not have looked the same, but we are in this together. 

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