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Help Us Cheer On Our Students!

Our students have been hard at work this school year, and we are so proud of their progress and accomplishments. Our high school seniors and college students are preparing to pursue a variety of educational and career paths, and we are especially proud of their commitment to their future and carving out their own path. 

As we approach graduation and the end of the school year, we need your help! Between now and April 5, we have a goal to raise $7,500 to provide support to our care packages, celebrations, and program support for our 125 students. Will you help us celebrate their successes by donating today?

We invite you to donate a gift of $100, $200, $300 or of personal significance to give one of our deserving students a care package, support our end-of-year celebration, and support the continued growth of the students!

Edge Care Packages 2023.jpg
EOY 2023 - 1.jpg

What's in a Journey Forward Care Package?

We provide both our college students and high school graduates with care packages to support our students in their studies and help relieve the burden of buying various supplies. Our care packages include study supplies, caffeine, healthy snacks, a little more caffeine, self-care items, and gift cards!

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